6 August 2017

Misedashi of Kikuteru

Hajimemashite, watashi wa Kikuteru no Hanafusa
to moushimasu. 
Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Konnichiwa dear guests and readers of Hanafusa blog,
On this beautiful day i'm honored to announce the debut of Maiko Kikuteru. She has debuted under the wing of Maiko Kikutsuru, famous and talented maiko of Hanafusa okiya. Her Misedashi celebrations were grand and took several days and for those who couldn't join us but wished they could, i would like to describe this incredible but rare sight. 
For those who do not know what misedashi is, this is a formal debut of Maiko, literary means "open for business". New maiko is presented to hanamachi and the society. She wears formal regalia as well as her hair is styled in wareshinobu hairstyle with very special kanzashi, but i will write more detailed bit later. Anyway, this is one of the most important events after which girl is recognized not only okiya but the 
Day 1: San san kudo ceremony and public ozashiki
On the first day of Misedashi celebrations, before any ceremony is performed, early in the morning
Maiko Kikuteru chan went to hairdresser to have her hair styled into Seishooyoo Wareshinobu or Misedashi wareshinobu. In the back of this special hairstyle there is miokuri(bands of metal sticking out from the bottom of the bun). After she had returned to her home okiya, oneesan helped her to put her make up and draw three lines on the back of the neck.
San san Kudo ceremony between Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikuteru
After the make up was done, otokoshi (dresser) came to put on the formal kimono called Kuromontsuki(formal, black, crested kimono; most expensive type of kimono) with matching formal golden obi and with the okiya crest on the bottom. No obijime or obidome is worn. After everything has been prepared, okaasan brought a special box with distinguishable kanzashi: special hair ornaments of tortoiseshell called chirikan, tortoiseshell comb, two ougi bira kanzashi(silver, fan-shaped kanzashi with silver flutters hanging by rings) and expensive kanokodome.
After both Kikutsuru san and Kikuteru san were ready, Okaasan Kikuyu performed the San san kudo or bonding ceremony. As you may know, you can not be recognized in Karyukai without older sister or oneesan. This ceremony is performed by drinking from sake cups, 3 sips from each of 3 cups, shared with one you are being bond to. As you understand, this bond cannot be broken until one of
Posing for photographers near the Mouroku posters
the bonded dies or leaves the profession. So it is very serious!
After, newly bonded maiko san posed in front of the okiya near the mouroku(greeting posters), that were commissioned by friends and patrons of Hanafusa okiya. Than they slowly moved towards the Hanahusa ochaya where the pubic misedashi ozashiki were to take place. This one was opened for public and during it Maiko Kikuteru presented guests with a dance and story of her path as apprentice geiko. From now on she'll be known as proud maiko of Hanafusa okiya.

Day 2: Private ozashiki
Maiko Kikuteru preparing for her first dance as maiko
On this day, private ozahsiki was held. This was ozashiki, that is closed for the public, but you could came in case you have received a special invitation. Usually important people to okiya are being invited as well as good friends of the girl, who is now a newbie Maiko.
Due to the the fact that this event was private i cannot reveal the photos from this event or the names of the guests, but i can say that those were well known creators and designers in Second life, who help our okiya quite a lot.

Day 3: Greeting rounds
Last but not least, oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru took her young imouto Kikuteru chan to every ochaya, important establishments as well as important patrons. This is called the misedashi rounds and takes
Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru preparing to leave
for the misedashi rounds
part usually on the 3rd day of misedashi celebrations.
This is performed to "enroll" the newbie maiko into the society, by introducing her to people that will play major part in her future life as part of the Hanamachi and Karyukai in whole. This way, Maiko Kikutsuru took the responsibility on young Kikuteru chan, and will help her on her way of becoming a perfect flower of the Kagai. She will teach her and take care of her as real older sister. And every time when her younger sister is blamed, oneesan Kikutsuru will take the blame on herself and regulate any conflict situation that might come up.
This is what a misedashi looked like for Kikuteru chan. She is now part of Hanafusa okiya, true and loving okiya establishment, where you can not only learn but also find true and loving family with many older and younger sisters....

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