30 December 2017

Shigyoshiki 2018 in Kyoto Kagai sim

Konnichiwa dear guests and patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya invite You to take part in one of the most important event in life of our sim - Shigeyoshiki.
❀ Date: Sunday 7th of January
❀ Time: 11.30 am slt
Shigyoshiki is the annual (traditional) opening ceremony in Kyoto that marks the start of another year for Kyoto’s Geiko and Maiko. They gather in their local hanamachi wearing formal black kimono and renew their vows for the new year. The most successful members of the Kagai of the previous year for their district receive an award of excellence.
Following the ceremony, the Maiko and Geiko visit the local tea houses and business establishments to wish the start of an auspicious and prosperous new year.
❀ This years participants in Shigyoshiki: Geiko Kikuyu, Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, Senior Maiko Kikumaru, Junior Maiko Kikune and Shikomi Kaori

29 November 2017

Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Hanafusa okiya members
Have you dreamed of ever becoming a maiko? or enjoying the beautiful dance and culture?
we welcome you to a relaxing hour with us in our Museum of art and culture. The maiko of Hanafusa will perform for you and after you may ask them questions about their career and choice to become a maiko, geiko apprentice.

 ❀ Date: Sunday 3rd of December
 ❀ TIme: 10 am slt
 ❀ 1hour duration
 ❀ Here is your riksha:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/53/225/31

3 November 2017

Mizuekai 2017

Minarai Kikusana and Maiko Kikutsuru posing
for the mizuekai 2017 poster
 Finally! Finally! Finally!

Our annual Fall dance is soon arriving, Mizuekai will be held in 5 scenes on November 19th 
between 10.40 - 11.40 am slt

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, Mizuekai (みずゑ會)  is the event at which the Miyagawacho geiko and maiko display the traditional performance techniques of the Wakayagi style of Kyomai dance, to the study of which their daily lives are devoted. Traditionally, the Mizuekai was the testing ground of the skills of apprentice dancers, and in comparison with the Kyo Odori dance event held in spring, it has a strong feeling of a recital at which the participants present the fruits of their committed training. As a result, it attracts large numbers of true aficionados of traditional dance, allowing visitors to appreciate performances of an even higher
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/193/205/31
* In case you would like to have Mizuekai poster placed at your sim, please contact Maiko Kikumaru(belliebeth) for further information and help.

31 October 2017

New Shikomi in Hanafusa okiya!

Shikomi Kaori of Hanafusa okiya

.🌸. Watashi no namae wa Kaori desu .🌸.

I am shikomi of Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Geiko Kikuyu is my humble okasan. If you have any concerns or compliments regarding my behaviour please direct them to her.

Kaori was born in the outskirts of kyoto her father was curator of a museum and mother worked as a librarian.
As a child Kaori would sing and dance ,like most girls of that age and mother would dress her in kimono and sometimes she was allowed to touch her mothers dolls which were always kept in their protective cases and Kaori would dream of being a dancer dressed in such fine silks and elaborate hair ornaments.
During her schooling years she excelled in arts and music and had been offered a part in the schools dance group performing at festivals all over kyoto.
Finally at school leaving age Kaori announced to the shock of her parents that she wanted to train as a geisha and would not be attending college after finishing high school ,her parents tried to talk her out of it but to no avail so one day she was taken by her mother to meet the okaasan of a prestigious okiya in miyagawachō district of kyoto and it was decided that Kaori would be accepted and begin her arduous training to one day become a geiko...

21 October 2017

Important note!

Dear readers,
Please excuse me for quietness this month. Recently there have been changes that have occurred the life of Hanafusa okiya members:

1) WE HAVE MOVED! Yes, that is true. The official opening of our new sim is still to take place, though we have already started holding events and you are welcome to visit our new sim that is even more detailed and precise as RL Kyoto Hanamachi. Please use this landmark Kyoto Kagai Sim and do not be shy to pay a visit anytime :)
2) If you are interested in renting a house or a shop, please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) for more information and availability.
3) EVENTS! It was decided that this year's Mizuekai performance will be moved to November 22nd. Maiko and Geiko san of Hanafusa okiya have already started the preparations. More information is soon to come.
4) Again, Hanafusa okiya has opened its doors for the applicants. As i have mentioned previously, Hanafusa okiya is a training establishment and boarding house in which you can be educated to be a Geiko. It is located in Miyagawacho Hanamachi of Kyoto Kagai sim, and is based on the actual okiya in real life Kyoto. As well in our Okiya you will be taught the various arts of real Geiko. You have weekly lessons, which ends with homework that has to be approved before your next class is provided. Please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) if you need an application form. For those who are interested but are still doubting, Kyoto Kagai holds events, known as Museum event, where you can ask maiko about their carrier and training at Hanafusa okiya.

30 September 2017

Minaraia in Hanahusa ochaya

New member of Hanafusa okiya family
Dear guests and partrons,

We would like to invite you to special ozashiki that will be hold in Hanahusa ochaya this Sunday 11 am slt. During this event you will witness the minarai debut of new member of Hanafusa okiya. We keep her professional name in secret so those who come ozashiki will be first one to know. But you can always try to guess ^^

Date: Sunday October 1st

Time: 11 am slt

19 September 2017

September Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu
For the last month of summer, Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen black susohiki with firework design. This design is usually associated with Obon celebrations which were held in Kyoto Kagai sim not so long ago. The obi is woven, embroidered with pink threads on beige background.
As she is holding the hem of her kimono, we can see pink juban with red flowers. Pink juban is used by Geiko san when Maiko wear only red juban.
In her left hand she is holding her personal kago with her name sewn on it. In Hanafusa okiya there is a tradition, when okaasan gives newly debuted girl kago with girl's name on it.
Maiko Kikutsuru
The oldest maiko and atatori of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikutsuru wears light green hikizuri with falling leaves design. As i have mentioned, in Japan September is summer month, so maiko san can wear summer cotton kimono called yukata as well as hikizuri that are unlined.
Kimono is tied with woven Darari obi, that has willow and butterfly design on it.
As okaasan Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru is holding the hem of her kimono, showing red juban with summer-autumn motif.
Her hairstyle is called ofuku and is decorated with seasonal Kikyou (bellfower) Kanzashi. The ones that worn by senior Maiko are different from those worn by the Junior's. While Juniors have kanzashi that consist of many little flowers, Senior maiko wear big, usually single flower (triple flowers are used by maiko who had their mizuage less than a year. When yeas has passed, they get to wear single flower Kanzashi)
Maiko Kikumaru
On 27th Maiko Kikumaru has stepped in her last stage as maiko - she is now Yoninmae Maiko.
Omedetou san dosu Kikumaru san!
Senior maiko Kikumaru has chosen special hikizuri, designed by Kiku no Iki shop. This is multi seasonal shibori hikizuri with flower and origami crane motif on bright green background.
Kimono is tied with black Darari obi that has many different flowers on it, meaning it can be used in spring, summer and autumn months.
Her hairstyle and kanzashi are same as those worn by Maiko Kikutsuru.
You might have noticed that both Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru wear black lacquered okobo. This is quite a rare sight, mainly because maiko wear them with formal ensemble during misedashi/shigyoshiki/erikae etc. Only time maiko wear them with semiformal outfits is summer months.
Maiko Kikune
Hikizuri of Maiko Kikune has autumn flowers and fans, hand painted on a pink background. Her Darari obi is black and has butterfly and grass motif, which is more summery motif.
Her hairstyle is called wareshinobu and this is the main hairstyle for Junior maiko and minarai.
The kanzashi, as i have told before are different from the Senior ones, and feature many small bellflowers.
In one hand she is holding the hem of her kimono, in other hand - special red kago, that was gifted to her on her misedashi day by Okaasan Kikuyu. If you look closely you will see that is has name of Maiko Kikune's name embroidered on it.
Maiko Kikuteru
The youngest Maiko Kikuteru is wearing purple hikizuri, with water flow, leafs and flower motifs. Colors and design of this kimono has cooling effect when you look at it.
The Obi is black with geometrical motif, chrysanthemum flowers and paulownia leafs hand painted on i.
As she has worked as maiko for less than a year, she paints only her lower lip and wears "dangling" part attached to the hanakanzashi.
As well as her older sisters, she holds the hew of her hikizuri in her left hand, showing her red juban with summer-autumn pattern. In her right hand she holds a cute kago, that has all the essencials that might be needed during the day.

15 September 2017

Ozashiki in Gion Higashi ochaya

Dear Guests and Patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the summertime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Sunday 17th of September. Come and relax in a cooling atmosphere of ochaya along with the traditional Japanese music and the rustle of silk sleeves. You'll be offered special Miyagawacho "flying" sake and delicious green tea served by maikos of Hanafusa okiya
Date: Sunday 17th of September
Time: 11 am slt
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/153/179/25

2 September 2017

Yukatakai 2017

Last week Miyagawacho Kaburenjo held odori, know as Yukatakai. For those who do not know, this is annual event, in which maiko and geiko of Kyoto kagai sim participate in. During it, guests and patrons could admire talents as well as notice changes in the kagai. This year was special for maiko Kikuteru, as it was her fist odori since she has debuted as maiko and last for Maiko Kikutsru, as 2017 is last year in her maiko career before she will "turn her collar".
For those who couldn't come but extremely wished to, here is a small description of the acts.
Please enjoy :)
Yukatakai 2017. Act 1
Act 1: Opening
Okasan Geiko Kikuyu welcomes guests and patrons with a speech while Maiko san create a perfect atmosphere by performing on traditional instruments: Maiko Kikuteru(shimedaiko), Maiko Kikune (fue), Maiko Kikumaru(fue), Geiko Kikuyu(shamisen), Maiko Kikutsuru(kotozumi), Maiko Kikuyae(otozumi)

Yukatakai 2017. Act 2
Act 2: Odori no Natsu

Geiko Kikuyu accompanied by Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru perform a folklore summer dance. The story is self written by Maiko Kikumaru and tells us about the disappearance of summer and a butterfly who went searching for it. In their hands dancers are holding personalized uchiwa (summer fans)

Yukatakai 2017. Act 3

Act 3: Odori no Wakayabi

Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya perform together on the stage. The prop they are using is a dance fan called maioughi.
 The poem for this act was written by Maiko Kikune herself.

Yukatakai 2017. Act 4
Act 4 : The Master and the Student

The 4th act of this years odori was dance of 3 young maiko of Hanafusa okiya: Kikune, Kikuyae and Kikuteru. Poem for this dance was written by Maiko Kikuyae. At the back, seniors of Hanafusa okiya (Geiko Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru) play on shamisens.

Yukatakai 2017. Act 5

Act 5: Odori no Uchiwa

In this final act maiko and geiko participants of the odori perform a small poem each. In their hands they hold a personalized uchiwa, with mon of their okiya on one side and their names written in kanji on the other side

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a maiko?

Have you ever dreamed wearing elaborate kimonos and learning new about Japanese culture? Have you ever dreamed of walking the Kyoto streets in high wooden okobo?
If yes, than Hanafusa okiya is for you:)
You are provided with a near real life course or training in Japanese History and culture. You will learn how to be a Geiko ( term for Geisha in Kyoto)
At the moment we have open space for 4 Shikomi.
Ready to give it a try? Contact  Maiko Kikutsuru of Hanafusa (Miehina resident) if you are interested in starting your journey in a close family such as Hanafusa, that focus on realism and quality.
Geiko and Maiko of Hanafusa okiya performing at annual Yukatakai

23 August 2017

Obon 2017

When August is in its peak, every child knows that it is time for Obon celebrations in Kyoto Kagai sim. What can be better than dressing up in a nice cotton yukata, tying a colorful obi sash and admiring the fireworks, accompanied with horror stories? Definitely nothing!
That is why every year Kyoto Kagai sim holds Obon where everyone can come and participate and learn about this traditional feast. First of all, there was a Bon Odori or "Bon Dance", a sacred dance performed only on this special occasion. After the dance, guests could take a snack at the near-standing food stalls, or participate in festival games: catching a goldfish, shooting, darts etc. This year, our guests and patrons could compete with maiko members of Hanafusa okiya. As fun progressed, Maiko Kikutsuru led everybody through the channel and park into a small house where the horror stories were told. Shivering! One of our guests, after the event, stated that she saw the ghost from the story...
I hope that you have enjoyed this years Obon and i hope you will join us on the next celebrations as well. If you want to receive information about the events invorld, please contact Maiko Kikumaru(belliebeth) inworld.

22 August 2017

Yukatakai in Kyoto Kagai sim

On Sunday 27th(august) Geiko and Maiko of Hanafusa okiya will perform in the Summer odori - Yukata Kai
You are welcome to come enjoy this 4 act performance.

Time of arrival: 10.55 am slt
Time odori begin: 11 am slt
Time odori ends: 12 pm slt

Pictures after are to be taken in the room between exit and theater audience room.
Maiko + Shikomi will attend photo shoot.
During performance you may take pictures as long as they do not interfere the performance

19 August 2017

(Tomorow)Obon celebrations at Kyoto Kagai sim

What can be better than an event where you can play games, win different prizes, eat delicious fatty and sweet stall foods, dance an ancient dance and when night comes gather with friends and tell scary stories?! Yes, its August and time for Obon celebrations in Kyoto Kagai sim.
This year celebrations are going to be enormous! Sooo many things to try, so many games to play and soo many stories to hear from memeber of Hanafusa okiya or maybe you know one as well?
Date: Sunday 20th of August
Time: 11 am slt
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/95/173/25

9 August 2017

(Saturday 12th of August) Ozashiki at Gion Higachi Ochaya

Konnichiwa dear guests and patron of Kyoto Kagai sim,
as a celebration of Midsummer we are hosting a ozashiki in Gion Higashi ochaya this Saturday. This ochaya is located in Gion Higashi district of Kyoto Kagai sim, with a veranda upon the water channel As well as the beautiful view, you will feel the refreshing breeze scented with waterlily scent coming from the channel - best relaxation during hot summer days.
Time: 11.00 am slt - 12.00 pm slt(second life time)
Dress code: visiting clothes
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/153/179/25
You are welcome to enjoy some nice conversations and entertainment by the Geiko and Maiko of Hanafusa Okiya

7 August 2017

Tanabata celebrations at Kyoto Kagai sim

As we are continuing to progress through summer, we would like to welcome you to our Tanabata celebrations on Tuesday 8th 10.30 am slt.
As well as continuing the thousand year tradition of celebration the union of two loving hearts, you will get a chance to interact with maiko san from Hanafusa okiya while admiring the gorgeous illumination along the banks of the river. And do not forget to hang a colorful stripe of paper with hand-written wish ^_^
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/38/147/26

6 August 2017

Misedashi of Kikuteru

Hajimemashite, watashi wa Kikuteru no Hanafusa
to moushimasu. 
Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Konnichiwa dear guests and readers of Hanafusa blog,
On this beautiful day i'm honored to announce the debut of Maiko Kikuteru. She has debuted under the wing of Maiko Kikutsuru, famous and talented maiko of Hanafusa okiya. Her Misedashi celebrations were grand and took several days and for those who couldn't join us but wished they could, i would like to describe this incredible but rare sight. 
For those who do not know what misedashi is, this is a formal debut of Maiko, literary means "open for business". New maiko is presented to hanamachi and the society. She wears formal regalia as well as her hair is styled in wareshinobu hairstyle with very special kanzashi, but i will write more detailed bit later. Anyway, this is one of the most important events after which girl is recognized not only okiya but the 
Day 1: San san kudo ceremony and public ozashiki
On the first day of Misedashi celebrations, before any ceremony is performed, early in the morning
Maiko Kikuteru chan went to hairdresser to have her hair styled into Seishooyoo Wareshinobu or Misedashi wareshinobu. In the back of this special hairstyle there is miokuri(bands of metal sticking out from the bottom of the bun). After she had returned to her home okiya, oneesan helped her to put her make up and draw three lines on the back of the neck.
San san Kudo ceremony between Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikuteru
After the make up was done, otokoshi (dresser) came to put on the formal kimono called Kuromontsuki(formal, black, crested kimono; most expensive type of kimono) with matching formal golden obi and with the okiya crest on the bottom. No obijime or obidome is worn. After everything has been prepared, okaasan brought a special box with distinguishable kanzashi: special hair ornaments of tortoiseshell called chirikan, tortoiseshell comb, two ougi bira kanzashi(silver, fan-shaped kanzashi with silver flutters hanging by rings) and expensive kanokodome.
After both Kikutsuru san and Kikuteru san were ready, Okaasan Kikuyu performed the San san kudo or bonding ceremony. As you may know, you can not be recognized in Karyukai without older sister or oneesan. This ceremony is performed by drinking from sake cups, 3 sips from each of 3 cups, shared with one you are being bond to. As you understand, this bond cannot be broken until one of
Posing for photographers near the Mouroku posters
the bonded dies or leaves the profession. So it is very serious!
After, newly bonded maiko san posed in front of the okiya near the mouroku(greeting posters), that were commissioned by friends and patrons of Hanafusa okiya. Than they slowly moved towards the Hanahusa ochaya where the pubic misedashi ozashiki were to take place. This one was opened for public and during it Maiko Kikuteru presented guests with a dance and story of her path as apprentice geiko. From now on she'll be known as proud maiko of Hanafusa okiya.

Day 2: Private ozashiki
Maiko Kikuteru preparing for her first dance as maiko
On this day, private ozahsiki was held. This was ozashiki, that is closed for the public, but you could came in case you have received a special invitation. Usually important people to okiya are being invited as well as good friends of the girl, who is now a newbie Maiko.
Due to the the fact that this event was private i cannot reveal the photos from this event or the names of the guests, but i can say that those were well known creators and designers in Second life, who help our okiya quite a lot.

Day 3: Greeting rounds
Last but not least, oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru took her young imouto Kikuteru chan to every ochaya, important establishments as well as important patrons. This is called the misedashi rounds and takes
Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru preparing to leave
for the misedashi rounds
part usually on the 3rd day of misedashi celebrations.
This is performed to "enroll" the newbie maiko into the society, by introducing her to people that will play major part in her future life as part of the Hanamachi and Karyukai in whole. This way, Maiko Kikutsuru took the responsibility on young Kikuteru chan, and will help her on her way of becoming a perfect flower of the Kagai. She will teach her and take care of her as real older sister. And every time when her younger sister is blamed, oneesan Kikutsuru will take the blame on herself and regulate any conflict situation that might come up.
This is what a misedashi looked like for Kikuteru chan. She is now part of Hanafusa okiya, true and loving okiya establishment, where you can not only learn but also find true and loving family with many older and younger sisters....

2 August 2017

Hassaku 2017

Maiko Kikuyae(blue), Maiko Kikumaru(pink), Maiko Kikutsuru(green),
Maiko Kikune(orange), Minarai Kikuteru(purple)
1st day of August is always one of the most busy and important days for Hanafusa okiya members as this is day of Hassaku. It is similar to greeting round in winter(Shin Aishatsu) but, of course, there are several differences. Every year on this day, all okiya members dress up in their casual komon or iromuji and go on rounds, paying respects to teachers and establishments. Indeed it takes time to visit all important places and greet people that play important if not major part in the life of the okiya - kimono makers, local shop keepers, kanzashi makers, fan and prop maker etc.
So what do maiko san and geiko san wear for Hassaku rounds?(This is an answer to question of Anonymous, who typed his question in comments)
Gion Kobu: Maiko san and Geiko san from Gion Kobu hanamachi wear formal regalia (kuromontsuki with 5 crests of the okiya and formal obi, formal make up with 3 stripes, tortoise shell kanzashi alongside with august pampas hanakanzashi; in case or senior maiko hairstyle is called Yakko Shimada, while junior maiko wear their hair styled in Wareshinobu).

Hanafusa Maiko standing in the front of Hanafusa okiya
Gion Higashi: casual komon or iromuji, no make up, hairstyle: Wareshinobu or Ofuku
Kamishichiken: casual komon or iromuji, no make up, hairstyle: Wareshinobu or Ofuku
Miyagawacho: casual komon or iromuji, no make up, hairstyle: Wareshinobu or Ofuku
Pontocho: casual komon or iromuji, no make up, hairstyle: Wareshinobu or Ofuku
This is one of the best times to see the members of Kagai, as they flow through streets in small groups. This is also a good time for you to notice the changes that have occurred: who has become senior, who is now tying her obiage, who has returned to kagai etc.

1 August 2017

Misedashi of Maiko KIkuteru of Hanafusa okiya

"Hajimemashite, watashi wa Kikuteru no Hanafusa to moushimasu.
Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu"
It is a honor and pleasure to announce that Minarai Kikuteru will be a maiko this Friday, her 3 day celebration begins then.
On this special day, August 4th, at 11.20 am slt she will grace the Hanahusa ochaya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi.

Omedetou san dosu Kikuteru san!
Your okaasan, oneesan and neesan wish you prosperity and welcome you to the profession!


30 July 2017

Summer picnic in the gardens of Kyoto Kagai sim

End of June - August has always been the hottest part of summer. Even koi fish want to hide deeper, where cooler waters are.
In Kyoto Kagai, there is a perfect summer spot where you can hide and enjoy and relax some. It is located in the Kytot Kagai sim's gardens. The blanket with several zabutons is placed in the shade of big trees as well as near the small river to help our guests forget about the hot sun and crowded streets.
This time, Maiko Kikune held a picnic, first time this year. She was accompanied by other maiko san from her okiya. By serving refreshments, summery foods and tasty snacks as well as by entertaining with smart conversations, Maiko from Hanafusa okiya bring the refreshing change, not only into the bodies but also into the hearts and souls of visitors...
Next time we meet, will be very special event - misedashi(debut) of a new maiko! So do not be shy, and visit us anytime you like. Our sim and hearts are open for everyone :)

27 July 2017

Picnic in the gardens of Kyoto Kagai sim

Dear friends and patrons,
This Saturday Kyoto Kagai will hold a picnic. For those who is tired by summer heat and dull routine, we offer a cooling shelter under the shade of garden trees accompanied by delicious summer treats and refreshing drinks. As a highlight of the evening, you will be entertained by Maiko san of Hanafusa okiya alongside with soon maiko-to-be minarai Kikuteru.
Date: Saturday 29th
Time: 12 pm slt
This event is not formal so please feel free to wear your casual clothes or yukata

24 July 2017

Konchiki Ondo on Yasaka Jinja

Dear reader of Hanafusa okiya blog,

As in rl Kyoto Kagai, our sim as well as it's maiko and geiko members, take part in Gion Matsuri celebrations. After the Hanagasa Junko parade, Maiko san from Miyagawacho performed Konchiki ondo. The name of the dance comes from distinctive Konchiki chain of Gion Bayashi folk music. They wore special white thin kimono with hakata obi (obi sash with hakata-ori textile) which was pink against a white background in Ushiromi musubi (a way of knotting the obi sash) style. In their hands they hold an uchiwa fan with crests of festival and the Yasaka shrine.
After the dance, guests were able to make memorable photos with Maiko san from Hanafusa okiya.

This years performers :

❀ Maiko Kikutsuru
❀ Maiko Kikumaru
❀ Maiko Kikune
❀ Maiko Kikuyae
❀ Minarai Kikuteru (soon to debut as maiko)

20 July 2017

Konchiki ondo at Yasaka Jinja(Sunday 23rd of July)

To mark the end of Gion Matsuri celebrations, Maiko san from Miyagawacho Hanamachi will perform special dance called Konchiki ondo at the Yasaka Jinja pavilion. We welcome You and we also welcome your friends and family to join us on this special day in Kyoto Kagai sim.

Date: Sunday 23rd of July
Time: 11.30 am slt

After the performance photos with Maiko san can be taken :)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/193/138/27

13 July 2017

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a maiko?

Have you ever dreamed wearing elaborate kimonos and learning new about Japanese culture? Have you ever dreamed of walking the Kyoto streets in high wooden okobo?
If yes, than Hanafusa okiya is for you:)
You are provided with a near real life course or training in Japanese History and culture. You will learn how to be a Geiko ( term for Geisha in Kyoto)
At the moment we have open space for 4 Shikomi.
Ready to give it a try? Contact  Maiko Kikutsuru of Hanafusa (Miehina resident) if you are interested in starting your journey in a close family such as Hanafusa, that focus on realism and quality.
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/144/105/25

11 July 2017

(Saturday 15th of July) Ozashiki at Gion Higachi Ochaya

Konnichiwa dear guests and patron of Kyoto Kagai sim,
as a celebration of Midsummer we are hosting a ozashiki in Gion Higashi ochaya this Saturday. This ochaya is located in Gion Higashi district of Kyoto Kagai sim, with a veranda upon the water channel As well as the beautiful view, you will feel the refreshing breeze scented with waterlily scent coming from the channel - best relaxation during hot summer days.
Time: 12pm - 1.00 pm slt(second life time)
Dress code: visiting clothes
You are welcome to enjoy some nice conversations and entertainment by the Geiko and Maiko of Hanafusa Okiya

10 July 2017

Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Maiko Kikuyae(dark blue), Maiko Kikumaru (light blue with willow),
Maiko Kikutsuru(pink), Maiko Kikune(blue), Minarai Kikuteru(yellow)
 Yesterday, Kyoto Museum of Art and Culture held an event for patrons as well as those interested in Japanese culture. Young as well as veteran Maiko from Hanafusa okiya performed kyo mai dance and self written story. After guests we able to ask questions.
The main idea of this event is to spread the knowledge about Japanese traditional and modern culture as well as Kyoto's geiko tradition. Guests can also ask questions regarding hairstyles, types of kimono used in the performance, difference between rankings etc.This is good event for those interested in applying as a trainee as you can ask senior members of the okiya the questions that interest you.

In case you have not been able to come this time, do not worry! These events are usually held once or even twice a month. In case you whant to be informed about any kind of events held in Kyoto Kagai sim, Please contact Maiko Kikumaru(belliebeth) so that to be added into the group in-world as well as follow our blogs on Google plus and Blogspot. Don't forget about the thumbs up :)

9 July 2017

Evening ozashiki at Oume

Another ozashiki took place in Kyoto Kagai. This evening Maiko Kikutsuru was a musician and created a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere with her skillful play on the koto. After the guests have settled, Maiko Kikuyae brought the tray with Kyoto Kaiseki dishes while Kikuteru san brought sake and expensive wines. It is important to for Minarai Kikuteru to watch and learn how every inch of work is done as she is quite soon to debut as
Maiko Kiktsuru playing the koto
As well as enjoying their meal and good music, guests were delighted to speak with intelligent young Maiko. Starting clever conversations and keeping it alive is one of the hardest assets in Maiko and Geiko work as it requires knowledge in different aspects - traditional and modern art, Japanese culture, literature(Japanese as well as other), important events, politics, philosophy etc. I do not count the knowledge of Karyukai traditions as it is simply a must. As well as smart, ozahsiki conversations are to be relaxing rather then debates. Hard job, ne? :) Nevertheless, starting from early stages, maiko in Hanafusa okiya learn how to create an ideal conversation using all her knowledge and sense of humor to provide quality entertainment in Second life realm. 
After last ozashiki, the proprietress of the Oume received many requests from the visitors of her Wine Bar asking for more day and evening ozashiki. She has contacted Okaasan Kikuyu of Hanafusa okiya so to plan the ozashiki with maiko san of Hanafusa okiya, and it was decided that there will be 1 or 2 weekly, depending on the month. 

8 July 2017

(Sunday 9th of July ) Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Maiko from Hanafusa okiya during the annual Kyo Odori
Have you dreamed of ever becoming a maiko? or enjoying the beautiful dance and culture?
we welcome you to a relaxing hour with us in our Museum of art and culture. The maiko of Hanafusa will perform for you and after you may ask them questions about their career and choice to become a maiko, geiko apprentice.

❀ When? Sunday 9th 10.20 am slt
❀ 1hour duration
❀ Dress code - informal ( but not shorts or tank tops full clothing)
❀Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/212/174/25

2 July 2017

Ozashiki Memories

As well as Kyoto Kagai sim, Hanahusa ochaya never closes its gates. Now is quite a busy season, with lots of ozashiki and open air picnics. Ochaya staff needs to plan every event with precise care: how should the tokonoma in the ozashiki room be decorated, what scroll to use, what courses should be served(if ozashiki in ochaya it will definitely be Kyoto Kaiseki with seasonal delicacies and if picnic that it can be less formal type of food), what types of refreshments are to be bought, what type of sake bottle to use as well as what sake cups, which maiko and geiko to invite for the banquet.
Maiko Kikune during her dance
This Saturday was no different as Hanahusa ochaya held ozashiki for the guests and patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim. Maiko Kikutsuru has entertained guests with shamisen music while Maiko Kikumaru, Maiko Kikune and Minarai Kikuteru served guests with refreshing mugicha(barley tea) and Miyagawacho "flying" sake. In case our guests felt too hot, they had an option of choosing an uchiwa(summer fan). When the meals were eaten, Maiko Kikune performed her first dance performance as Ichinmae maiko (Ichiname is stage of maiko when she passes 1 year after the debut). From now on, my dear readers, we will see much more of Kikune san as performer as well as musician.

29 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya

Dear Guests and Patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the summertime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Saturday 1st of July. Come and relax in a cooling atmosphere of ochaya along with the traditional Japanese music and the rustle of silk sleeves. You'll be offered special Miyagawacho "flying" sake and other refreshing beverages served by maikos of Hanafusa okiya
Date: Saturday 17th of June
Time: 12 pm slt

27 June 2017

Museum Event in Kyoto Kagai

Minarai Kikuteru during the Kyo mai dance
Kyoto Kagai sim's life never stops, no matter the weather or holidays. As well as in real life kagai, we also hold performances for tourists and those who want to know more about the Japanese traditions as well as maiko and geiko culture. They are held in Kyoto Museum and usually consists of two parts: first part is a poem or a story accompanied by a kyo mai dance. It is one of maiko san duties to write good poetry and stories as well as a dance to fit it. The second part, guests can ask maiko or  geiko questions. Questions are usually regarding training and careeer: starting from hair and kanzashi hairpins, tips about choosing a perfect kimono, favorite shops, lessons at nyokoba school, favorite second life places etc. to "how to be as perfect" and sisterhood relations in okiya.
Maiko Kikune during the dance
This is a good way for new residents and guests to meet maiko san and admire their talents. For the convenience of our guests, these events are held on Sundays, once or sometimes twice a month 10.20 am slt. Performers are members of Hanafusa okiya. Arare sight - senior maikos, that are not far from their erikae perform side by side with newly debuted young maikos.
We are always happy to meet new people that come to our performances. So do not be shy next time, come to Museum event and enjoy the amusing dance and charming looks of maiko san from Hanafusa okiya.

15 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya

Dear Guests and Patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the summertime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Saturday 17th of June. Come and relax in a cooling atmosphere of ochaya along with the traditional Japanese music and the rustle of silk sleeves. You'll be offered special Miyagawacho "flying" sake and delicious green tea served by maikos of Hanafusa okiya
Date: Saturday 17th of June
Time: 12 pm slt
Here is your taxihttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/220/44/25

14 June 2017

Ozashiki at Oume

Maiko at Ozashiki

Not only Hanafusa okiya maiko perform at Hanahusa ochaya. During weeks there are ozashiki also at Oume - high class wine restaurant where maiko san serve and dance for guests same as during saturday ozashikis. Here guests can enjoy expensive types of wines and converse with intelligent yet humble maiko or geiko.
This ozashiki was provided by the proprietress of the Oume, whi invited Maiko Kikutsuru as oldest maiko, two younger maikos Kikune and Kikuyae and Minarai Kikuteru. Oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru played shamisen and provided the music accompaniment for the ozashiki. Younger maiko and minarai chatted with guests, alongside learning the way of perfect behavior from their older sister. They watched her moves and way she speaks, so that in the future teach their imoutos the ideal way of being a maiko.

11 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya (Saturday 10th of June)

Maiko Kikumaru during her dance
Yesterday Hanahusa ochaya held an ozashiki for the members of the hanamachi. This was quiet yet cozy event: ochaya commissioned traditional Japanese summer sweets, cold types of tea and unique Miyagawacho "flying" sake. Maiko Kikune and Kikuyae served guests with great care while young Maiko Kikuteru, who debuted not far back in time, was to "look and learn".
After the guests have finished their meal, candles were lit and Maiko Kikumaru performed poetical dance called "The fan of Lady Izumi"(both poem and dance is created by her).
Though it was a simple event, it is great honor to entertain such a delightful audience. In every dace, in every sake cup, in any move maiko or geiko share their love and admiration for the profession, even in sl...

9 June 2017

Okiya News!

Dear guests and readers of my blog,
I am happy to announce that Maiko Kikune of Hanafusa okiya is now ichinimae maiko, meaning that she has stepped into her second year as a Maiko san. She will have different kanzashi from her younger sisters, Kikushino and Kikuyae, yet no ones that her older sisters wear. Also she will have difference in make up from her neechans..Well, let me explain this to you, using pictures of our little summer star ^^
Maiko Kikune in 1st year maiko attire
On this picture you can see Junior Maiko Kikune as a Haninmae or 1st Year Maiko, same as Maiko Kikushino and Kikuyae. Her hairdo is called wareshinobu, decorated with seasonal kanzashi. She is wearing a "dangling" part, that resembles her young stature. Her make up has lots of pink and has only the lower lip painted.
Her duty is mostly to serve food and drinks, welcoming guests at ozashiki; rarely dance as they need to learn all dances by heart. And that does take a lot of time. Right before a maiko changes rank, she can be allowed to wear clothes from the
next rank. Here we see young maiko
Maiko kikune in her 2nd year attire
wearing more senior kimono.
On the second picture you can see Kikune san as she is now, ichinmae maiko or second year maiko. She is still wearing her wareshinobu hairdo and she'll continue wearing it till her mizuage. If you look at the kanzashi, the "dangling" part is missing. Also you can notice that her upper lip is painted. Though, lips are not as big are of Maiko Kikutsuru or Maiko Kikumaru. Also she will have her eri(collar) decorated with more white, which will show that she is maturing. She is now also having more variety in semiformal outfits. Also she will start performing more at ozashikis. With new rank comes new responsibilities, but let us all wish her look as the hardest year is behind. Omedetou san dosu!

6 June 2017

June Kitsuke of Hanafusa okiya members

As the temperature is rising dramatically, The Geiko san and Maiko san of Hanafusa okiya change
their warm lined hikizuri to unlined ones. Their everyday wardrobes have changed too - now you can meet a maiko, walking to her lessons at Nyokoba, wearing a nice summer yukata with a summer  fan, called uchiwa, in her hand...

Geiko Kikuyu
Okaasan Kikuyu in her June semiformal attire
For June, Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen a light green susohiki that fades into white near the hem. This susohiki has a special effect - it gives you the feeling of freshness and has a cooling effect on your mind and body. Near the hem we can see the white juban with red flowers. This style of juban is only used by mature geiko san.
The obi sash is black with golden and orange geometrical pattern. It is tied in a style called "drum"(taiko).
Her hair is decorated with a woden kushi, usually used for summer months and a maezashi hairpin. As you can recall from my previous posts, geiko san wear wigs, called Katsura, while maiko san wear hairdos made from their own hair.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru
Senior Maiko Kikutsuru wearing her June semiformal attire
Kikutsuru san is wearing a multi seasonal bright green hikizuri made with shibori technique with hand-painted motifs of origami cranes, flowers and fans. This is an absolutely new hikizuri and she is the first to wear it. Her juban is red and features summer waves alongside seashells and sea stars.
Her obi is black, featuring summer flowers painted on fan shaped golden backgrounds.
In her hand she is holding her kago basket that has a goldfish trinket and goldfish pattern.
Her hairdo is called Ofuku and is decorated with seasona ajisai kanzashi. This month has two flowery symbols - willow tree and ajisai(hydrangea flowers).
Let's also remember that this is the last year of Kikutsuru as a Maiko. Next year at this time she will be wearing a beautiful Geiko's susohiki, meaning she will be a geiko san. Susohiki and hikizuri is the same style of Kimono worn, by both Geiko and Maiko. what makes the two different, is that in the style of a Geiko hikizuri/susohiki the shoulder nor sleeve area have tucks, the sleeves are also shorter, they reach to about the hips or upper thighs of the Geiko. The Maiko's susohiki/hikizuri have tucks in the shoulders, as well as tucks in the sleeves, the sleeves is also very long reaching nearly to the ankle of the maiko.

Senior Maiko Kikumaru
Senior Maiko Kikumaru wearing her June semiformal attire
As June is quite a hot month, Maiko Kikumaru has chosen a white hikizuri with a blue dew on grass pattern all over. It is called Tsuyushiba. As one younger maiko said: "It looks like clouds on the sky". Her Juban has a spring/summer/autumn pattern.
It is held by the long Darari obi, that is a Hakata obi in the Kenjo gera design (that type of obi design has length-wise stripes). In the end of the obi you can see the mon (crest) of Hanafusa okiya.
In her hands she is holding blue kago with star trinket and small stars painted on the kago itself.
She has the same hairstyle as her oneesan, Maiko Kikutsuru but as Kikumaru san is younger, the kanoko on her ofuku is pink. It is decorated with similar ajisai kanzashi as the hairdo of her oneesan.

Junior Maiko Kikune
Maiko Kikune has become ichinmae maiko. You can read about it >here<
Junior Maiko kikune wearing her semiformal June attire
Maiko Kikune san is now a second year maiko so not only her looks but also her wardrobe has been changed. Now she can wear more elaborate and "mature" hikizuri like this subtle green, that has pattern only on her left shoulder.
Her juban is multiseasonal, with decorative flowers and willow. Her obi is black with butterfly pattern. This is another innovation in her carrier - she is allowed to use darker colors, like black. ( which all ranks may wear occasionally, but it is always preferred bright colours on younger apprentices)
As she is still jr Maiko, her hairdo is the same as it was before, it is called Wareshinobu. While senior Maiko can choose between willow and hydrangea kanzashi, Junior maiko do not have this choice. That is why Kikune san's hair is crowned with willow kanzashi, though shorter than her young sisters.

Junior Maiko Kikushino
Junior Maiko Kikushino wearing her semiformal attire
Junior Maiko Kikushino wearing her semiformal attire
Young Maiko Kikushino is wearing an extremely summertime hikizuri - it features hydrangea, lilies and water handicapped motifs. Her juban is similar to her neesans and features decorative flowers.
Her obi is beige and is decorated with hydrangea flowers and some geometrical motifs.
In her hands she is holding a similar kago as her oneesan, Maiko Kikutsuru, but this has a different color.
Her hairdo is Wareshinobu(same as Kikune san) and it is decorated with willow kanzashi. She is still a 1st year maiko so she has to use the "dangling" kanzashi. These dangling type of kanzashi are childish in style and are to show the young stature of maiko.

Junior Maiko Kikuyae
Junior Maiko Kikuyae wearing her June semiformal attire
Junior Maiko Kikuyae wearing her June semiformal attire
The youngest maiko of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikuyae is wearing white with orange geometrical figures in a shibori styled hikizuri. Her juban is similar to Kikutsuru san's and it is a very Summertime in style.
Her Obi has an orange background with dew on grass pattern. Her Orange obi fits the orange geometrical figures on the hikizuri.
Her hair is styled in the traditional junior maiko hairdo. Her kanzashi are willow styled ones and are similar to Kikushino neesan.
In a short time, Kikuyae chan will become 2nd year maiko. Until than she will be decorating her hair with dangling kanzashi and painting only lower lip.

Minarai Kikuteru
Young Minarai Kikuteru
The youngest member of Hanafusa okiya, Minarai Kikuteru, who has debuted less than two weeks ago is now starting to get more involved in the life of the Karyukai. She is already invited to the ozashiki alongside her older sisters to observe the job from the shortest distance. She will only get a few chances to dance for guests but she can help her older sisters with serving food and drinks to guests. She is also helping to guide the visitors of Kyoto kagai around the sim. Her mentor and older sister was chosen Maiko Kikutsuru.

Minarai Kikuteru in her June attire
In Miyagawacho, Minarai do not wear special minarai outfits all the time during the rank. In more or less 2 weeks from the minaraia,
she will start wearing the same hikizuri as Junior maiko does. Also in Miyagawacho Minarai san do not wear minarai kanzashi, but those worn by junior maiko. This time it is willow. Her hikizuri has a blue background with water and seashell game pattern. Her eri is almost fully red with a beautiful auspicious crane pattern. This should bring her luck on the path she has chosen.