27 May 2016

Last May ozashiki in Hahahusa ochaya

During last  spring ozashiki, Geiko, Maiko and Minarai of Hanahusa ochaya entertained guests with beautiful dances and kouta(lyrical songs).  Firstly, Maiko Kikutsuru(purple hikizuri), Maiko Kikuyumi(subtle pink hikizuri) and Minarai Kikune(green hikizuri) performed Gion Kouta and Maiko Kikumaru (White hikizuri) accompanied their beautiful dance with skillful play on shamisen. Than Maiko Kikumaru put away her instrument and under accompaniment of Geiko Kikuyu performed a dance "Under the gorgeous Fuji tree" with young Minarai Kikune. It was amazing evening and farewell to the Spring!

19 May 2016

Relay for Life odori

Very special event took place on May 6th in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. In the event of supporting Relay for Life Hanafusa okiya held an odori ( dance performance) in 4 acts each representing one season. The dance depicted the four seasons, and a story about “Letting go” of once extra “Luggage” and burdens. Our beautiful dance was performed by the maiko and minarai of Hanafusa okiya in our kaburenjo in Miygawacho Hanamachi. We would like to thank Kyoko san who narrated before, between and after the dances. Also we would like to thank those who came and those who donated to Relay for Life. Cancer is a worldwide problem, lets fight it togather!

Participants: Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, Sr Maiko Kikumaru, Jr Maiko Kikuyumi, Minarai Kikune

15 May 2016

Sunday 15th of May - Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Have you dreamed of ever becoming a maiko? or enjoying the beautiful dance and culture?
we welcome you to a relaxing hour with us in our Museum of art and culture. The maiko of Hanafusa will perform for you and after you may ask them questions about their career and choice to become a maiko, geiko apprentice.

10.20 am slt
1hour duration
dress code - informal ( but not shorts or tank tops full clothing)

Here's your riksha: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nadine/109/134/28

8 May 2016

Junior Maiko Kikuyae

Maiko Kikuyae summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Kikuyae desu.
Maiko of Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi.
Geiko Kikuyu is my humble okasan.
Maiko Kikumaru is my oneesan

Far away from the city across the river lived a little girl who loved nothing more than to run barefoot through the golden fields of her home. Picking wild flowers and climbing trees were her hobbies.
 Free as the wind and wild as a summer rain. A childhood most could only dream of, that was the life she lived. It was a life full of bright colors, happy smiles, people who loved, and encouraged her.
 Growing up if Yumi was not lost out in the woods she was at home nose deep in a book. The winter Yumi turned thirteen she and her family were having a nice meal sitting around the television, when a maiko danced across the screen. The seed was planted and Yumi grew dreams.
 She and her family parted in tears both knowing this was for the best. Today, at age sixteen Yumi has become a Shikomi of the esteemed Hanafusa Okiya under the highly respected Okaasan Kikuyu. Perhaps one day, the wind will find her again and she will dance like the rain.