12 January 2018

(Tomorrow 11.30 am slt) First ozashiki of the year

On this Satuday we will be welcoming you back to yet another year with Hanafusa okiya and Kyotot Kagai sim. Our humble ochaya will once again be reopened and filled with the sounds of the singing Geiko, the silence of the admiration of the Maikos dance and the laughter of everyone as a game is being enjoyed!
 ❀ Time of arrival: 11.30 am slt
 ❀ Dress code: Semiformal
 ❀ LM: Hanahusa ochaya

30 December 2017

Shigyoshiki 2018 in Kyoto Kagai sim

Konnichiwa dear guests and patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya invite You to take part in one of the most important event in life of our sim - Shigeyoshiki.
❀ Date: Sunday 7th of January
❀ Time: 11.30 am slt
Shigyoshiki is the annual (traditional) opening ceremony in Kyoto that marks the start of another year for Kyoto’s Geiko and Maiko. They gather in their local hanamachi wearing formal black kimono and renew their vows for the new year. The most successful members of the Kagai of the previous year for their district receive an award of excellence.
Following the ceremony, the Maiko and Geiko visit the local tea houses and business establishments to wish the start of an auspicious and prosperous new year.
❀ This years participants in Shigyoshiki: Geiko Kikuyu, Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, Senior Maiko Kikumaru, Junior Maiko Kikune and Shikomi Kaori

29 November 2017

Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Hanafusa okiya members
Have you dreamed of ever becoming a maiko? or enjoying the beautiful dance and culture?
we welcome you to a relaxing hour with us in our Museum of art and culture. The maiko of Hanafusa will perform for you and after you may ask them questions about their career and choice to become a maiko, geiko apprentice.

 ❀ Date: Sunday 3rd of December
 ❀ TIme: 10 am slt
 ❀ 1hour duration
 ❀ Here is your riksha:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/53/225/31

3 November 2017

Mizuekai 2017

Minarai Kikusana and Maiko Kikutsuru posing
for the mizuekai 2017 poster
 Finally! Finally! Finally!

Our annual Fall dance is soon arriving, Mizuekai will be held in 5 scenes on November 19th 
between 10.40 - 11.40 am slt

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, Mizuekai (みずゑ會)  is the event at which the Miyagawacho geiko and maiko display the traditional performance techniques of the Wakayagi style of Kyomai dance, to the study of which their daily lives are devoted. Traditionally, the Mizuekai was the testing ground of the skills of apprentice dancers, and in comparison with the Kyo Odori dance event held in spring, it has a strong feeling of a recital at which the participants present the fruits of their committed training. As a result, it attracts large numbers of true aficionados of traditional dance, allowing visitors to appreciate performances of an even higher
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/193/205/31
* In case you would like to have Mizuekai poster placed at your sim, please contact Maiko Kikumaru(belliebeth) for further information and help.

31 October 2017

New Shikomi in Hanafusa okiya!

Shikomi Kaori of Hanafusa okiya

.🌸. Watashi no namae wa Kaori desu .🌸.

I am shikomi of Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Geiko Kikuyu is my humble okasan. If you have any concerns or compliments regarding my behaviour please direct them to her.

Kaori was born in the outskirts of kyoto her father was curator of a museum and mother worked as a librarian.
As a child Kaori would sing and dance ,like most girls of that age and mother would dress her in kimono and sometimes she was allowed to touch her mothers dolls which were always kept in their protective cases and Kaori would dream of being a dancer dressed in such fine silks and elaborate hair ornaments.
During her schooling years she excelled in arts and music and had been offered a part in the schools dance group performing at festivals all over kyoto.
Finally at school leaving age Kaori announced to the shock of her parents that she wanted to train as a geisha and would not be attending college after finishing high school ,her parents tried to talk her out of it but to no avail so one day she was taken by her mother to meet the okaasan of a prestigious okiya in miyagawachō district of kyoto and it was decided that Kaori would be accepted and begin her arduous training to one day become a geiko...

21 October 2017

Important note!

Dear readers,
Please excuse me for quietness this month. Recently there have been changes that have occurred the life of Hanafusa okiya members:

1) WE HAVE MOVED! Yes, that is true. The official opening of our new sim is still to take place, though we have already started holding events and you are welcome to visit our new sim that is even more detailed and precise as RL Kyoto Hanamachi. Please use this landmark Kyoto Kagai Sim and do not be shy to pay a visit anytime :)
2) If you are interested in renting a house or a shop, please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) for more information and availability.
3) EVENTS! It was decided that this year's Mizuekai performance will be moved to November 22nd. Maiko and Geiko san of Hanafusa okiya have already started the preparations. More information is soon to come.
4) Again, Hanafusa okiya has opened its doors for the applicants. As i have mentioned previously, Hanafusa okiya is a training establishment and boarding house in which you can be educated to be a Geiko. It is located in Miyagawacho Hanamachi of Kyoto Kagai sim, and is based on the actual okiya in real life Kyoto. As well in our Okiya you will be taught the various arts of real Geiko. You have weekly lessons, which ends with homework that has to be approved before your next class is provided. Please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) if you need an application form. For those who are interested but are still doubting, Kyoto Kagai holds events, known as Museum event, where you can ask maiko about their carrier and training at Hanafusa okiya.

30 September 2017

Minaraia in Hanahusa ochaya

New member of Hanafusa okiya family
Dear guests and partrons,

We would like to invite you to special ozashiki that will be hold in Hanahusa ochaya this Sunday 11 am slt. During this event you will witness the minarai debut of new member of Hanafusa okiya. We keep her professional name in secret so those who come ozashiki will be first one to know. But you can always try to guess ^^

Date: Sunday October 1st

Time: 11 am slt